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What if I find damaged parts after delivery?
Veryhonor one of the best warranties in the business. We provide a limited lifetime warranty of Some damaged parts may be found at the time of installation as each part is attached to the system. If a damaged part is discovered during installation, contact your representative as soon as possible. Keep the packaging and paperwork for that item until the issue is resolved.
How long do your playgrounds last?
We provide a limited lifetime warranty of all Play & Park Structures posts, clamps, caps, and hardware. Most other components carry a 10-year limited warranty.
Do you offer installation?
Yes, we have certified installers that have been trained on how to install our products. Ask our major consultant for more information.
Can you help with maintenance?
We have a dedicated Customer Service department that will help you find and order any replacement parts needed, whether you are still under warranty or not.
Do you offer custom design?
Absolutely! But let’s talk about what “custom” means. We offer pre-designed structures that you can see on our website and catalog. These structures are ordered as shown. We can also design a custom structure using existing products that will fit within your specific space and budget.